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All About Paint

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Currently we are working with a client in Des Moines on selecting paint colors for the interior and exterior of her home and getting those areas painted.  So, what better thing to blog on than paint!  Have you ever wondered what the difference is between paints and paint finishes?  Well, I am here to explain!

Painting can change the whole look of a room from it’s dreary usual to something new and exciting.  There are 2 common types of paint: latex paints and oil based paints.  Latex paints work best when painting walls and ceilings.  It dries more quickly than an oil based paint and adheres better because it contains acrylic.  Latex paints can be cleaned up with soap and water.  Oil-based paints are more durable and provide a smoother finish than latex paints.  It is best used when painting trim work, cabinets and furniture.  Oil based paints can crack and yellow overtime.  And, a paint thinner is needed to clean up any oil based paint drippings.

Before painting unfinished, previously painted, or spackled walls, a primer needs to be used.  Typically, if you are going to use a latex-based paint you will want to use a latex-based primer and if you are using an oil-based paint you will want to use an oil based primer.  Priming the walls will help seal them and provide a base for the paint to adhere too.

When selecting what sheen of paint to be used you need to consider the practicality and aesthetics of each type:

Flat: Has little or no sheen.  It will help hide imperfections but can be damaged more easily when compared to other types of paint finishes.  It has a smooth finish and should be used in areas where there is not a lot of traffic.

Eggshell: Has a velvety sheen and is more durable than a flat sheen.  It is also a lot easier to clean than a flat sheen.

Satin: Has a pearl-like finish and is stain resistant.  It is a popular paint finish.  It is good to use for bathrooms, kitchens, and high-traffic areas.

Semigloss: Is very sleek and durable.  It is stain resistant and very easy to clean.  It is good for doors, windows, and trim.

Gloss: Is the most durable and is the easiest to clean.  It is good for trim, cabinets, and molding.

It is also important to select the right tools when painting.  The primer or first coat should be done with a brush, roller, or pad.  If painting with a flat paint, a brush, roller, pad, or sprayer should be used.  If painting with an eggshell paint, a brush, roller, or pad should be used.  If painting with a gloss finish, it is best to use a brush.  When selecting the brush type, be sure to choose a nylon-bristle brush for latex paint and a brush with natural bristles for oil-based paint.  Soap and water can be used to clean brushes used for latex paint.  Paint thinner is needed to clean brushes that have been used for an oil based paint.

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